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This outstanding video delves deeply into the scriptures regarding the sacrifice of Jesus Christ as a "ransom for all." Beginning at the fall of man and tracing the affects of sin this video sheds light on what God is doing today. You will see that we are at the very threshold of God's Kingdom on earth. 

Also covered in this Video CD:

  • Bible History & Archaeology
  • The Tabernacle Symbolism
  • Modern Israel
  • Prophecies of Our Day
One FREE Video CD per household
Category: FREE USEFUL INFO | Views: 6270 | Added by: passion | Date: 27 October 07 | Comments (3)

this book is very powerful, using of  some very important person in the U.S. telling their horrible experiences in life, trying to encourage the reader.for me, this is very good tool for encoouraging people who get lost from their first love, Jesus Christ.
i receive this material back year 2000, but somehow when i get back to their website, they offer to americans only, but theres no harm in will be blessed by all testiminies here written.
Category: FREE USEFUL INFO | Views: 755 | Added by: passion | Date: 18 October 07 | Comments (0)

Many literature today that sent free very contrary to our beliefs.
This one is very good.You can also request to them in bulk numbers but of course you will use this for your ministry specifically,tracts ministry
God bless!
Category: FREE USEFUL INFO | Views: 1559 | Added by: passion | Date: 16 October 07 | Comments (0)

HELLO christian friends..this website was given to us by free..and your friend doing here is to update or give you some information about free things here in this world..of course the first in line is the salvation that God offers to us for free (more about it just click on our navigator the FREE)..
Grace and Truth christian literature gave us some biblical topics that is very useful for our christian walks of life..
to receive this magazine...
firstly,they will send you one copy of their latest issue,after receiving it, you have something to do (but of course for free)..its for the confirmation.
I recieve their sample issue but i was not able to confirm it.
God bless!
Attachments: Image 1
Views: 5561 | Added by: passion | Date: 16 October 07 | Comments (1)

history maker
this is the first Passion for the Christ praise and worship gathering
january 2008
bays center
see you there!
Views: 738 | Added by: passion | Date: 12 October 07 | Comments (0)

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