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A E Fmaj7(or Am/F) G

A___ E___________ Bm
Your love covers my sin
And washes over me
A____ E____________ Bm
Your grace it draws me in
So I can live for You

F#m _______E____ D
Jesus who died for me
F#m ____E _____D____ D
So I will liVE for You my God

________A_________ E
And I will lay down my life
_______Bm________ D
For the cause of the Cross
_________A/C#___ E
And I won't try to ignore
______________Bm______ D
That Your heart's cry is the lost
________A_________ E
And I will go if You say go
_______Bm_____ D
I will never give it up
_____F#m ______E
I will lay down my life
Because You laid down Your life
To set me free

A E Fmaj7 G

A______________ E
Your love washes over
over and over
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